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1. Is this site for everyone?
A. No. This site is only for the people of sreepallaki Community. Only sreepallakis can submit their profiles here.

2. Is there any service charge to avail the services of sreepallaki.com ?
A. No. It is absolutely free as of now as part of inaugural offer.

3. I don't have an email id. Can I submit my profile to the site?
A. Yes. You can submit your details by furnishing your other contact information viz Phone Numbers and Detailed Address.

4. I rarely check my mailbox. Can I post my profile?
A. Yes. You have an option of displaying your contact address, so that the members can contact you through snail mail or on phone.

5. I'm a Marriage Consultant/ Broker. Can I submit the details of my clients to this site?
A. Yes. You can submit the profiles of your clients. Only your contact details will be furnished beneath the profiles of your clients so that you will be contacted first for the alliance, to move further.

6. I see some profiles with Contact Addresses and a few without. What is this?
A. Members have an option to hide their contact address and phone numbers. You can contact such members only on their email id. This is designed to respect the 'privacy' of the members.

7. I have contacted a few members through their email ids. Unfortunately I haven't received any response from them. Why so?
A. Kindly furnish the details of the members you contacted. We try to solve the problem.

8. I'm receiving some abuse mails. How to avoid?
A. Kindly furnish the details of the member from who you receive such mails. We move to take legal action on them.

9. I see the addresses of Marriage Consultants/ brokers to contact some members. Why is this so?
A. Those members are the clients of the marriage consultant whose contact details are given beneath the profiles. You need to contact that consultant to know the details of those members.